ITV Switched Off For Sports Day

The ITV network switched off all seven of it’s channels over the UK bank holiday weekend for an hour. This was to encourage watchers to leave their living rooms and get involved in sport and also to celebrate Team GB’s Olympic successes.

Broadcasting stopped from 9:30am on the 27th of August. As well as this, thousands of sports clubs were open in order to allow people of the UK to try out new sports for free. This was organised by the National Lottery.

i am team gb

This event was all part of the Olympic celebrations to welcome home Team GB from Rio. Emmerdale and Coronation Street sets were used to host events. Other places involved included the Glasgow National Hockey Centre and Copper Box Arena in London.

Greg Rutherford, a bronze medal winner in Rio, strongly urged viewers to get involved in these events. He stated that people don’t need to be Olympians to be a part of Team GB.

The usual programs which were not shown due to the switch off included Coronation Street and Murder She Wrote.

I Am Team GB stated that the homecoming event was intended to inspire everyone no matter what their level of physical activity was so that they can come together with the heroes of the Olympics as part of the U.K.’s biggest ever sports day.

Finding the correct clothing and equipment

We often get people asking us the best way find suitable clothing and equipment for their sport.  They often find that they have got the wrong thing or purchased something that is inferior when they could could have got something much better for their money.  Our answer is review, reviews, reviews!!  Unfortunately, there are a lot of shoddy products out there that will not do the job properly or last very long.  With so many website out there now which provide reviews of products, it goes without saying that it’s worth checking an item’s ratings before buying.  It only takes literally a few minutes to search for a bit more info before buying it.  Be it gymnastics leotards for girls or expensive football boots, a lot of time, money and heartache can be saved by doing your research first.

Amazon is a great source for reviews even if you don’t intend to purchase from there.  Just enter the item that you are thinking if buying into the search and 9 times out of 10 it will come back with the product you are looking for with a ton of reviews too.  Sometimes our trainers will recommend a product or have something for sale.  We only sell or recommend products that we would purchase ourselves so you can rest assured that the item will be up to scratch.  Also clothing such as uniforms for our dance and gymnastics teams are thoroughly checked so that they are of a good quality.

Many products also have more thorough reviews going into a lot of depth.  These will usually be for the more common products such as football boots or tennis rackets.  To find these, we recommend to enter your item into google.  For example, “Adidas predator review”.  This should return a lot of these in depth articles.

Getting fit for summer

After winter and Christmas of eating whatever we want and relaxing, many of us want to get in shape for summer.  Whether it be to look good ons summer holiday, burn off that excess fat or just to improve your overall fitness, there are many reasons why you might want to join our gym.  Here at the sports dome we will have the latest gym equipment suitable for beginners through to seasoned powerlifters.  We will also be able to cater for children and older guests.


Our Fitness Team

fitness team

Let our qualified fitness team take good care of you.  They will firstly take you on an induction showing you how to use all of our exercise equipment in our gym.  After this, you are free to either go on your own or a member of our team can work out a fitness programme with you.  This can involve working out exactly what you want for you health.  This could be to build muscle, lose weight or improve your cardiovascular performance.  As part of this they can put together exactly which exercises you should be doing as part of your workout.

Our team can also work out a diet plan to fast-track you to the results that you want from your workout.


Our Weightlifting Section


Our gym has an extensive weight section which will support beginner, intermediate and professional powerlifters.  This consists of both machines and free-weights.  We also provide accessories such as weightlifting gloves, dipping belts, the best powerlifting belts, medicine balls, yoga mats and trampolines.  We also have every machine that you can possibly think of as well as our instructors constantly on had to provide any support or answer any questions that you might have.


Our Gym Shop

We also also have a shop alongside our gym where we provide health supplements and equipment.  So if you want to do some light exercise at home or ensure that you are getting the right nutrients, this is the place to visit.  Again, our qualified staff can advice you of what would be useful to you.

We will soon be opening!!

Hey guys and welcome to the soccer domes.  Our soon to be open brand new facilities are state of the art and we hope that everyone gets the chance to enjoy them.  Keep your eyes peeled for more information posted on this page for news and updates on the progress of development of the facilities.